What makes this different from “Do Not Disturb”?

Do Not Disturb is a bulky and painful way to try and make a very complicated system work for you (the user). We have taken the hassle away from that and do the configuration at a click of a simple icon (aka button).

How much will this cost?

Beta users will receive a coupon code that they will be able to get the application for free of cost for up to the first year.

Do you collect or record my personal data?

When you are not present we are not present! We take tracking very seriously and we do not track any information about anyone that uses the application outside of application usage time and downloads.

Why is there a slight lag when I turn off the app?

The application actually caches all the notifications on your phone and wants to make sure that you are getting them all (which is why it takes a quick second to make sure it isn’t missing anything).

When can I customize my reply text message?

We have heard about this alot and would defer you to the road map. We are planning on pushing this feature out in Q1.

Can I turn off the text message replies?

You can “prevent” sms messages if you would not like to have them and that is done by denying the permission on install. 

Does the app block emergency calls?

The application does not block calls and in facts lets them all through (in the current application) to prevent anyone from missing important calls (including emergencies).